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The following memorial plaques honor Lt. Joseph Cavalieri and firefighters James Bohan and Christopher Bopp.

  • The community has placed a memorial plaque, honoring Joe, James and Christopher at 17 Vandalia ST.
  • Brookdale Hospital has placed a memorial plaque honoring Lt. Cavaliere and Firefighters Bohan and Bopp.

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Joseph P. Cavalieri, Lieutenant, Age 42
  • Appointed to NYFD December 12, 1983
  • Transfered to Ladder 150 Hollis, Queens May 3, 1986
  • Appointed Lieutenant February 24, 1996 Assigned to Battalion 39, working in Ladder 170

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James F. Bohan, Firefighter, Age 25

  • Appointed to NYFD July 14, 1996
  • Assigned to E 262 October 12, 1996
  • Assigned to Engine 228 October 4, 1997
  • Assigned to Ladder 170 October 3, 1998

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Christopher M. Bopp, Firefighter, Age 27

  • Appointed to NYPD 1993
  • Appointed to FDNY October 15, 1995
  • Assigned to Ladder 170

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Photos from WNYF Magazine

All three were working in Ladder Company 170 of the Fire Department of New York on December 18, 1998, when they made the supreme sacrifice.  They were doing everything right when suddenly everything went wrong.  They are remembered, and they are missed.

Firefighter Bohan, Firefighter Bopp, and Lieutenant Cavalieri were killed while fighting a residential high-rise structure fire. As they rushed to the tenth floor to search for victims, they were overcome by a wave of heat and smoke that killed all three. The heat wave, or fireball, may have been propelled by a gust of wind coming through the fire apartment.The automatic closing device on the apartment door had been removed or had malfunctioned. The building’s hallway sprinklers did not activate due to a closed valve. Six firefighters were injured in the fire.

Excerp from web sitet of U.S.F.A. National Fire Data Center

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